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You can access Hurricane through the official web app.
Welcome to the Hurricane documentation site.

What is Hurricane?

Hurricane Protocol is a fully decentralized protocol for offering private transactions on Terra network with the ability of Yield Farming and NFT trading in further future.
The main motivation behind the strategy is most maximum security can give the Terra network, which is the foremost progressed in transfers through users. This gives get to control over the operation of processes and clear receipt and expedite payment activity in a brief time.
Hurricane protocol will also provide vaults that are pools of capital that automatically generate yield based on pre-determined strategies identified in the market.

How privacy is important for us?

We truly believe that decentralized finance requires decentralized money. Decentralized money needs to be autonomous for every users.
Hurricane improves transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain link between deposit and receive addresses. Huricane uses smart contract using utilizing zkSNARK and zero-knowedge technology to enable private transactions on Terra network.
Last modified 1yr ago