Hurricane NFT

There are several collections in Hurricane NFTs. But the main collection is Hurricane Pirater.

Hurricane Pirater (Hurricane NFT Starting Point)

Hurricane Pirater(NFT) is a starting point for our NFT journey and an essential part of holding Hurricane Vault(NFT).
Users can purchase Hurricane Pirater(NFT) on Knowhere, the NFT marketplace on Terra.
Hurricane Piraters will start the journey for finding Vault. If they can possess the Map(NFT, another collection), they can easily find vaults.
For holding our final NFT(Hurricane Vault), the users must possess Hurricane Pirater(NFT) because our Hurricane Vault won't be listed on any marketplace except Hurricane platform.
Our Hurricane Piraters will start long journey soon....
The Hurricane Pirater Holders will be received HURP(token) via airdrop.
We will update more collections when we need to publish.

Hurricane Vault (Hurricane NFT Final Goal)

Hurricane Vault(NFT) is the final goal for our NFT journey.
Hurricane Vault can't be listed on any marketplace except Hurricane platform.
If you stake Hurricane Pirater(NFT) and Map(NFT, another collection), you can get Hurricane Vault(NFT).
Hurricane Vault Holders will be received HURP via airdrop and will be received more incentive rewards than other non-holders when they use our Hurrican Vault.
We will update more staking formula here later.