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Hurricane Token(HURP)

$HURP Token

Our native CW-20 token($HURP) on the Terra is core to Hurrican Protocol and our vault & NFT staking strategies.
The HURP token supply has a hard-capped number of 1,000,000,000 HURP, scheduled for distribution for 3 years.

Distribution Plan

  • Partners: 50M (5%) tokens will be distributed to $MINE stakers & other ecosystem partners to be used as marketing.
  • Gov Fund / Treasury: 150M (15%) tokens will be vested over 3 years. (20% on TGE)
  • Liquidity: 50M (5%) tokens will be 100% on TGE.
  • Public Sale / Pools: 150M (15%) tokens will be on 25% on TGE, and will be linearly released over 3 months
  • Protocol Rewards: 300M (30%) tokens are linearly released to the users of the platform over 3 years. (NFT holders, NFT Staking, LP Staking, Vault...)
  • Community Fund: 100M (10%) tokens are reserved for the Hurricane Community Fund and will be released over 3 years.
  • Team: 150M (15%) tokens will be vested over 1 year to the team and advisors.
  • Airdrop: 50M (5%) tokens will be on 10% on TGE, and will be linearly released over 1 year.
Our token distribution timeline will be updated here soon
About our vault strategies and vault asset, we will be updated here in more detail, later.